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Entropy City (My Miniatures Game WIP)

Entropy City (My Miniatures Game WIP)

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More playtesting

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I wasn’t quite as nervous this time as I was the first time around, I set up the table in a slightly different way this time around, still sticking with the standard streets, this terrain isn’t exactly the perfect representation, it should like a modern city, worn down but still something we would recognise as a somewhat modernish city but I made do with what I had access to, including some lovely ruined cars I found in my Mars Attacks box last night.

Although the end game at this stage is intended to be played on a 4×4 foot table I am hosting all of the demo’s at this stage on 3×3 tables, because its about the core rules and getting down and dirty, all of the bikes are the same with the same weapons for the exact same reason. So no super bonus’s for anything yet, everyone is holding lead pipes, which is kinda brutal but to me its been about testing HOW the game actually works and if the core idea is fun. I’d still like to get it infront of atleast 2 more people before I move into the next test.

With 3 riders a piece the table at this size with the dense terrain gets busy quite quickly so it gets into the action quickly which is what I wanted.

I had made an adjustment to the rules following the last playtest as we had felt the stress involved with taking a turn “too sharply” wasnt serious enough but that led to this game feeling like it was a little too harsh so I will be moving that back to where it was for now as it felt better where it was previously in comparison to how it was tested today.

Feedback was promising, my friend hadn’t played it before just heard me talking about my idea’s its actually the friend that helped me design the turning templated I had in mind for the game so I was excited to get him of all people to see where his work went.

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