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Entropy City (My Miniatures Game WIP)

Entropy City (My Miniatures Game WIP)

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Two more test models.

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Second attempt at writing this I need to stop trying to upload too many pictures at the same time.

So another two models to add to the test model collection but this time I wanted to start with some bases that were more in line with the picture I had in my head, prototypes for how Id like to make them down the line if this ever gets far enough.

And with that in mind I recently got in an AK Interactive Ashphalt, now granted theres a tonne of ways you can do roads and a tonne of those almost cost you nothing, I’ve already done the “glue down fine sand and paint it” technique before but I wanted to try this and much to my shock not only did it look good but better than I expected, the cracks int he roads I’m not 100% sure if its  because of how I applied it or part of its design but either way I was delighted.

And then I tried to use regular masking tape to get the lines done despite knowing how often this goes poorly but it turned out even more horrid that I expected it would. My initial intent was to sponge this on for a broken worn look but I quickly realised doing that afterwards with black would likely turn out better, this decition also made it easier to fix it

Owners of the Nazarova Twins from Infinity maye look at the images below and pull out their keyboards to tell me I built them wrong but trust me, I know. I have 3 versions of this kit and it was a deliberate arrempt to change them up a bit, does it work? Well no not really but they’re only for tests.

I really really shouldnt be buying any more bikes at this point I’m really not sure I need them. I have 6 Infinity mini’s completed (if you include these) 3 of which need to be painted, one more that is a conversion as I try to remove all of the Christmas themed stuff from a special edition miniature to make him look more general.

I also have a box of the bikes from the Genestealer cults but with different heads, and the other two boxes of the female haqqislam on the way. I really think I have enough now but sometimes its nice to add to them.

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