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Entropy City (My Miniatures Game WIP)

Entropy City (My Miniatures Game WIP)

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Adding a little more flavour

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I’m the furthest thing from an artist when it comes to drawing but when your a single person who doesnt have a huge financial backing to pay artists with you have to atleast try and get things rolling by yourself. To date a lot of this is all “proof of concept” to be prettied up later but when it comes to the faction symbols I decided it was time to do a little bit of that. And I started with something simple to add more flavour to each of them, a unique font chosen for each.

So who are these factions? I mentioned that each of them are based extremely losely on real world equilivents but that doesn’t mean theyre all based on specific gangs at all, more how they tend to be represented in media or how they generally tend to be seen.


Hades: The Cruiser Gang.
Hades are a motorcycle gang as you would immediately think of them, large loud Cruiser style bikes (so Harleys for example). They’re certainly not clean, and involved in a lot of shady activities but some members of the group are genuinely trying to help make things better, there’s been a bit of a split within the gang of late between those wanting to “get back to the old ways” and those that want to make a difference in a more positive way.
Generally speaking their top speeds tend to be faster but theyre slower off the line, they also dont turn as well as the other two.

The Komodo: The Sportsbike gang.
There’s not really a “sportsbike gang” equilivent in real life that I could name but as far as the culture of the Komodo its based very losely on the likes of Yakuza/Triad but only from a cultural perspective none of these gangs are intended to be drawn on racial lines, quite the opposite. Sportsbikes are far better in a corner than a Cruiser, theyre off the line a little faster but can’t quite maintain the same highest speed that a cruiser would.

Mutiny: The Trailbike Gang
Mutiny are perhaps the most varied of all of the gangs, based on a number of sources this is very much a gang you could flavour easilly. They’re a group of anarchists that live off grid, the leader of Mutiny is very much a man of rock star charisma, he’s not entirely honest with his followers and somewhat tells them what they want to hear, it really is only the upper echelon that truly understand the groups anarchist intent. Trailbikes are designed for a mixture of on road and off road, they can move through non sealed roads without hinderence and ruins without it being dangerous terrain.
So if you want a mad max style crew, a punk rocker crew this is where a lot of that comes from.

RFPD: The Police
Redemption Falls once had a very proud police department, had they known how corrupt its higher ups were perhaps they could have prevented the incident that led to the marshall law the city is left in. What is left of the Police Department are almost obsessed with it, some of those people will do whatever it takes to clean up the city, others go by the book to prevent the city getting worse. Again another chance to flavour your crew with either corrupt police or genuinely good intent, this is also the faction that the NPC interference will come from.

There would be more coming, some of which I already know some that are kind’ve “fun idea’s”, there will definately be opportunities to mix certain bikes together.

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