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STALINGRAD Bolt Action Mega Battle!

STALINGRAD Bolt Action Mega Battle!

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Hiwi Squad Leader .........When disaster STRIKES!!!!

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Sometimes accidents will happen! Yesterday I was completely chuffed with this characterful new addition to my Stalingrad Mega Project, and today I found him partially disarmed, in a quite literal manner on the floor having half an arm with his SMG broken off.

I have had as some of you know a somewhat colourful life, and I try to look for the win in a bad situation, as many of us who play Soviets are bound to do. One highly improbable but actual blessing in disguise was that the MP40’s magazine had broken off in an absolutely clean line, exactly where the port ends in the weapon. This enabled me to re -glue the arm in a different position, sculpt some green stuff into the gaps and give the figure a new pose.

The new pose looks like he has shot his load (O0owh Er Missus!) and is in the process of having to quickly reload. I like the new element of desperation and reality that the model now has!

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Bolt Action Hiwi Squad Leader.Bolt Action Hiwi Squad Leader.

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