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STALINGRAD Bolt Action Mega Battle!

STALINGRAD Bolt Action Mega Battle!

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Hiwi Troops

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Further Hiwis to add to my Axis forces in my Stalingrad Mega Battle. Soon I hope to have a full squad up an running.

Using the ‘Osttruppen’ rules for these chaps is 4 points a man. Having the ‘inexperienced’ and the ‘shirkers’ special rule, they are very cheap. Resultantly I don’t expect great things of them but, at that low points cost I can field a platoon of them to act as screen for an artillery piece, sit on an objective, or if the worst comes to it’s often inevitable worst, get more German dice in the bag!

A 5 man squad of these guys with an LMG is only 40 points! That is a lot of fire power (though inaccurate fire power) for its cost, and a few of these units will help you at least slow down the enemy with pins and the odd kill. They are also ideal for sitting on an home turf objective, where they are not required to move (let alone assault), allowing you to have a minute amount of your armies point cost tied up in guard duty, maximising what you can throw at the enemy elsewhere.

Miniatures by Warlord Games:

Armies of Germany 2nd Edition

Soviet Winter Infantry plastic box set

Blitzkrieg German Infantry plastic boxed set

Bolt Action Campaign: Battle of the Bulge


Research Material Osprey Books:

Scenery by Tymeagain:

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