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Anyone seen my Pachyderm

Anyone seen my Pachyderm

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Numidian Allies

Tutoring 3
Skill 4
Idea 4
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The next units completed were some Numidian allies.

The first unit represents the Numidian javelin, light troops with no armour and hide covered shields (again LBM Studios). The figures are again Victrix.

The 2nd unit completed used the heavier shields and even some helmets! These represent the attempt by the Numidian king to train some of the foot to fight in the “roman” way.

I did these to introduce a bit more variety and they will also be used as javelin skirmishers if needed (if my opponent objects they will receive a blow from the metal pachyderm  for being picky.

Numidian Javelin Numidian Javelin
Numidian Numidian "heavy" infantry

Next up we have the Numidian Cavalry skirmishing horse. To differentiate and try to make them stand out the horses were either painted as greys and light browns. The only problem is that the Victrix horses are too big really as the horses described for the Numidians were noted for their smaller stature when compared to the Gallic horses. This must be saying something as the Gallic horses would probably only be the size of a modern pony.

Numidian Numidian "light horse"

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Fabulous work on the project @sirhumphreyrtd congratulations on getting the gold button.

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