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Collins builds the world of the walking dead

Collins builds the world of the walking dead

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Glue, scultamold and brown paint

Tutoring 3
Skill 4
Idea 4
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Glue, scultamold and brown paint
Glue, scultamold and brown paint

I got a bit excited and started sticking stuff down a bit prematurely…

fencing done the same as the barn superglued down with the hay bales, barn and a few Heki trees who apparently are the providers of the 4ground tress (as was), they’re very similar if not the same so they’re probably the same, cheaper too but no bases.

I need to drill the base to put the crops in so I decided to build up little mounds of sculptamold just so I don’t accidentally drill all the way through the base board and knacker the board on the other side (that will never be used again).

it gives a little bit of interest too in terms of differing ground height but the reality of the situation is that they’ll be swamped by the crop plants.

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