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Forging a Dynasty

Forging a Dynasty

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More Firepower!

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Doomsday ArkDoomsday Ark

Well, despite best laid plans, no games of 9th ed 40k were played while it was manageable, and therefore no games were played when it got unmanageable.  The advent of 10th edition sparked action.

Two games in against my brothers Blood Angels and it was clear that my guns were plinking off anything with armour.  I had the Doomsday Ark in kit form, so it had to get built asap!

I have to say that I am enjoying 10th ed so far.  It is still no small undertaking to get into, especially having missed all of 9th.  All the unit rules, and special rules feel brand new as a result.  That said, with some homework, and a couple of learning games it does feel manageable and the game plays really nicely.  Soooo many dice as there always has been, but that’s 40k – love or hate it, it’s part of the identity.

There are a number of features that seem like a big improvement to me.  Gone are the days of twiddling your thumbs for half an hour while your opponent has their turn.  There are all kinds of reactive stratagems that are actually key to winning games, and the mission rules and victory conditions are more fun than they have been.

So far so good, I am excited about my Necrons again so I am going to ride that wave for a bit!

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