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Reforging Age Of Sigmar - Spring Clean Hobby Challenge 2024

Reforging Age Of Sigmar - Spring Clean Hobby Challenge 2024

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Adding Some Character

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I’ve come to really enjoy adding lore and background to an army. I swear it makes them fight better on the tabletop. To that end, here is my current lore for my Fyreslayers focusing on the characters I have at the moment. I also like adding in friend’s armies as my foes so there’s some connective tissue in the games we play!

Mainfaction – Vostarg
Subfaction – Stoutborn’s Slayers

During the early portions of the Realmgate Wars when Sigmar unleashed his Stormhost back into The Mortal Realms to cleanse the forces of Chaos from Aqshy, The Vostarg Lodge was first and foremost amongst the Fyreslayers to lend their aid, for a good settlement of Ur-gold of course. Amongst the lodge, Gelvarg and the Stoutborns found themselves besting many of Sigmar’s enemies but during one unfortunate battle, Gelvarg and his kin were abroad fighting Khorne’s warriors only to return to their Magmahold which had been ransacked by Ogors in their absence.

The only survivors of the Magmahold were Gelvarg Stoutborn and his ally Ulrorri Gleamcrest. They also found the broken body of Smurgi Boldsunder amongst the ruins, his axes still clutched in dying hands. After recuperating, Stoutborn took on the role of a Grimhold Exile and Boldsunder that of a Doomseeker, looking for vengeance. Gleamcrest, meanwhile, did what he could to guide the two hot-headed Duardin, directing their anger and fury.

To this day, Stoutborn’s Slayers range Aqshy, following the trail of the Ogor Mawtribe that ransacked his home. They know not who the true warlord was that led the army that day but with every warband of Ogors Stoutborn finds, he “questions” any survivors, seeking the truth and the real source of his vengeance.

  • Auric Runemaster – Ulrorri Gleamcrest
  • Grimhold Exile – Gelvarg Stoutborn
  • Doomseeker – Smurgi Boldsunder

That’s it so far but I’m going to work on doing a bit more lore for these fellows and maybe see if they can get into a bit of battle report action.

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