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2024 Painting Log

2024 Painting Log

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Lovely colorful uniforms

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I had a feeling that the Federation characters would be the most fun to paint, and I was right. There is something really satisfying about painting bright primary colors, and these models have more expressive faces than the Romulans or Borg.

These have such flat surfaces that my usual base-coat-and-drybrush technique didn’t look all that good, so I went over it with a lot of flat layers. I think they finished up looking more or less how I wanted them to.

A few notes:

  • Worf was by far the most fun to do, with Riker a close second. Those eyebrows!
  • There are probably 12 layers of paint on Data’s face and hands. His skin tone was very difficult to get right — it’s a pale gold (or yellowish silver) and since it’s metallic it picks up reflections from whatever room he’s in. Plus it’s a lot more yellow-gold in the films as opposed to the TV series.
  • Shelby was an interesting addition, but it makes sense given her prominent appearance in the episodes the game is based on, and I’m glad they included another female character.

Next up: the Klingons!

2024 models painted so far: 29

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