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Pandora's Box [Insert innuendo]

Pandora's Box [Insert innuendo]

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The Pile Of Plastic

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So… I needed a couple of minis for the RPG I’m running… most important being the goddess that is trapped and in need of rescuing…

Not sure if the goddess in question will be represented by the Aphrodite, or Persephone mini… might even be Hecate… but I painted the first two (before I decided to make this a spring clean challenge) which is why those minis are done.

The other three (Lion, Centaur and Satyr) were needed in a previous campaign.

Anyway… enough waffle… the plan is to complete as much of this box as possible… with the initial goal being the top layer that I’ve already started.

The Contents Of Pandora's Box...The Contents Of Pandora's Box...

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