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To the Trenches! Chain of Command

To the Trenches! Chain of Command

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Wire sections .....

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Ever since I created the first piece of trench with the barb wire protecting the approach to it from the front, I have wanted to make some small pieces of moveable barb wire.

These are also a support option in Chain of Command and so fits nicely with the project.

These are 6 inches by 2 inches in size as per the requirements in CofC.

Made in a very simple way.

  • cut a 6 inch by 2 inch piece of 1mm thick chipboard
  • shaped a very thin slice of polystyrene and glued to the chip board
  • layed out the route of the barb wire
  • pre-drilled holes for the wooden posts
  • cut the posts to length from matchsticks and sharped the edge to help penetrate the polystyrene when it came to glueing
  • removed everything.
  • the posts and wire were painted in the exact same way as previously on the trench sections.
  • applied the ground texture – each time it got to the hole for the post, the post was glued into place
  • once all posts and ground texture in place, the barb wire was added

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