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Halflings of War

Halflings of War

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Juggers and juggling multi basing

Tutoring 3
Skill 3
Idea 3
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I am playing around with basing elements, what fits on bases, what looks too crowded and remembering how things fit together.

My first finished regiment (based as two troops to push together into a combined unit) is my Juggers, which have taught me a couple of things.

First of all, I initially intended to go for the full five model cavalry troop with a big mushroom covered rock for interest. And I decided to paing the riders separately to the mounts.

Lesson 1 – With hindsight it would have been easier to pose the riders while on the mounts, and I ended up attaching the riders part way through painting to make them easier to hold.

Lesson 2 – once the riders were on I realised that they were bulkier than I thought and the base was over crowded, so I dropped a model off each base. I now have two spare painted models to roll into another unit later.

Lesson 3 – while making the bases I tried to leave spaces in the shape of the model footprints among my texturing and scenic elements. Then I changed the model count. Then I kind of rushed gluing the models down and did not get the spacing quite right. It looks ok, but is a little off to my eye and I flipped a base around from where it was meant to be, so the ricks ended up next to each other. Hopefully other people don’t notice once the army comes together!

Overall I am happy with how they have turned out, but I will be approaching future units a little differently.

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