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Halflings of War

Halflings of War

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First game!

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Realising that a club day was coming up and I had enough stuff together to cobble together a 1,000pts Ambush list, I played my first game!

It was my first time using Halflings and I’m still figuring out how to play Kings of War and use things like strategy, so it was a loss of course. But a close one!

It was Halflings Vs Kingdom of Men in the get your units onto your opponents side of the table scenario. Lots of units died and I managed to hold up my opponents advance enough while losing to make it close, so there’s that.

I played this before finishing my Juggers so they are blue tacced onto the bases here!

Halflings Painted [1000 / 1000]

~ List Valid ~


Halflings [1000]


Poachers (Infantry) Regiment [155]

– Relentless [5]

– Staying Stone [5]

Juggers (Cavalry) Troop [160]

– Relentless [5]

– Brew of Strength [30]

Juggers (Cavalry) Troop [165]

– Relentless [5]

– Brew of Sharpness [35]

Wild Lancers (Cavalry) Troop [100]

– Relentless [5]

Iron Beast (Titan) 1 [210]

Sauceror (Hero (Heavy Infantry)) 1 [115]

– Halfling Hot Pot [10]

– The Boomstick [25]

– Lightning Bolt (3)

Feast Master (Hero (Heavy Infantry)) 1 [95]

– Relentless [5]

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