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Shadowsun in a weekend?

Shadowsun in a weekend?

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Picked up a project for the weekend, might be a tad ambitious but since I've always wanted Shadowsun. The new sculpt was too tempting to pass up.

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Colour Scheme

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Shadowsun has been the last piece to my Tau force that I’ve wanted for a long while. The new sculpt was too good to pass up.

With that in mind, I debated on how to paint her. In her existing way or how I’ve done the rest. I’ve decided to blend the two together. Here’s how.

The Riptide I used the colours the rest of my force is with a little extra. The patterning.

I accomplished this by airbrushing progressively lighter colours overs lays of masking tape. The rest was done by hand with some transfers for added extras.

The theme was derived from a Destiny 2, which is the second image. I like the geometric look to it and thought it’d look great for my Tau. The colour swatch on Destiny 2 uses an orange/red instead of the blue. I went with blue.

My thoughts are to use Shadowsuns white, with my pattern and blue. I may highlight areas with the tau tan to tie it into the rest of my force.

Ah! The drones picture. Progress with the greys/white, my riptide drones and a Battlesuit Drone that was done early in the army build, pre-patterning.

Colour Scheme

Here’s the combination of themes after Saturday.

Yep, Sunday will be a full day, if I aim to finish it by then.

Though I am liking how it’s looking so far. Not bad to build, prime and get some paint down in one day.

Now I’m off with a fine bottle of fermented grape juice and a riveting game of Talisman. (Honestly why is it when I use a re-roll on a 1, I always get another 1!?)