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50t Challenge: GorkaMorka Wild Orkz with Contrast Paints by Bothi

50t Challenge: GorkaMorka Wild Orkz with Contrast Paints by Bothi

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Project Blog by bothi

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About the Project

For a few years now my buddies and I do a yearly 500p Challenge. Painting 500 points of an army every two month resulting in an entire 2k pts army after 8 month. This year for an anniversary we decided to go GorkaMorka. So it is more a 50 teef Challenge than 500 points. I decided to go Wild Orkz (with some custom rules from I had started building these like 10 years ago, but never build any vehicles and they saw no paint. As I was eager to try the "new" Contrast Paints, this project will only painted with those (like 95%).

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Block 2:

Tutoring 5
Skill 5
Idea 5
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So. Another 2 month have passed and Block 2 was successfully painted. It’s another set of models worth 50 teef, bringing me to the first “legal” list of 100 teef. It contains my Boss (duh), a Wildboy on Boar, 2 Fickies with Bows and 4 Fickies mit Choppa.
I have to say I slacked quite a lot the past 2 month so I was really happy that I started this project with some hardcore speed painting with them nice Contrast Paints (I love those). So these 8 models took me less than 4h in total. That is less than 30 minutes per model. Probably more like 20 per Fickie, about 40 on the Boss and up to an hour on the Wildboy on Boar.

Enitre Block 2Enitre Block 2
Boss and WildboyBoss and Wildboy
Fickies with BowsFickies with Bows
Fickies with ChoppaFickies with Choppa
Last but not least: The Lloyd Shot!Last but not least: The Lloyd Shot!

Block 1:

Tutoring 6
Skill 6
Idea 6
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As each Block (painted in 2 month) consists of models worth 50 teef and I needed a vehicle my first Block is actually quite small:

  • Trukk with Speargun
  • Gunner (2 models, 1 on foot, 1 on the Trukk)
  • Driver (2models, 1 on foot, 1 on the Trukk)
  • Madboy
  • 1 Fickie (really stupid Wildork)

The Driver and Gunner are magnetized to the Trukk and have dedicated models on bases if they decide to disembark.

Paints used:

  • Army Painter Skeleton Bone: Basecoat, highlight on the bases, teeth and claws
  • Vallejo White: Zenith on the basecoat
  • Contrast Skeleton Horde: Linen cloth and bases and shields
  • Contrast Snakebite Leather: Everything made out of wood
  • Contrast Gore-grunta Fur: Leathers and furs
  • Contrast Ork Flesh: Skin
  • Contrast Basilicanum Grey: Everything metal
  • Contrast Black Templar: Ramming head
  • Contrast Guilliman Flesh: Skin on the boars
  • Contrast Iyanden Yellow: Gunners shield
  • Contrast Flesh Tearers Red: Hair, Madboy jesters dress, drivers shield, tongue
  • Blood Red: Highlight on Flesh Teares Red
  • Balthazar Gold: Madboys bells
  • Leadbelcher: Edgebrushing on the metals
  • Army Painter Soft Tone: 2nd shade on the bases, hoofs and claws
  • Nuln Oil: some darker shading here and there
  • Black: Rim of the bases

I am really amazed by the Contrast Paints and I think you can get away with most of them without extra highlighting. I actually only did it on the Flesh Tearer Red.

Front row: Driver and GunnerFront row: Driver and Gunner
Back Row: Madboy and FickieBack Row: Madboy and Fickie
Trukk (empty)Trukk (empty)
Trukk (with Driver and Gunner)Trukk (with Driver and Gunner)

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