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CyFi’s necromunda conversion paint and play

CyFi’s necromunda conversion paint and play

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Project Blog by cyfi

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About the Project

All my necromunda stuff. art and miniatures mostly but anything necromunda related that I do

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More , yes I'm rubbish at keeping upto date

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Yes……I am terrible with keeping projects up to date. But I have a new phone on which I can access this site so that should make things better. First up I have been working on a dramatis personae called Ophelia Queen of the Drownd (pictured) she has a lot of scratche built bits and heavy conversations and have to say I’m dam happy with her

Content Dump

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Have recently got back into necromunda and am working on lots of stuff

this is a photo dump of the things I’ve been up to which I intend to write up in better order and details later but for now hears the pictures

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