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Let’s talkabout ‘Mechs bay-bee

Let’s talkabout ‘Mechs bay-bee

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About the Project

An intermittent log of my steps into the tabletop world of Battletech, after decades spent enjoying the videogames & novels (but never the cartoon - remember, WE DO NOT SPEAK OF THE CARTOON)....

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"Reactor online; Sensors online; Weapons online; All systems nominal"

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Ok, so this is going to be a bit of an occasional project inspired by OTT’s inimitable Mr Lyons and his deep, deeeep dive into the world of Battletech, and the ongoing Battletech XLBS thread in the forums.

I’ve got a couple of things I want to do use this project for:
*1st, as a chronicle of how I paint up the ludicrous number of minis I now have, and what forces they end up painted as. I have an inkling that I want to do a couple of forces for specific Eras, with a corresponding OpFor. At the moment that primarily is the 4th Succession War, Clan Invasion, and era of The Republic/ The IlKhan.
*2nd, offer my thoughts on the various products that Catalyst are putting out, especially those I have in hand.
*And 3rd in a similar vein some of the 3P products out there, especially 3d printed minis (I have vast archive of STL’s saved, but no printer, so have ordered some minis from a few Ebay & Etsy sellers – looking forward to seeing how they turn out and stack up against the official minis).

Anyhoo, let’s see how this works out shall we?

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