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3…2…1… Let’s a-go

3…2…1… Let’s a-go

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Converting Gaslands for tabletop Mario Kart

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Rev your engines!!

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So I’ve had the gaslands rulebook for a while, always like the idea of it, but never had the effort to make up some cars for the game.

In the meantime, ive seen several people playing Mario Kart using Hot Wheels karts, and thought…thats a fun idea.

In addition, what a fun game this could be for a light hearted game night. The people i tend to play with, whilst they enjoy board games and so on, they aren’t massive gamers but everyone loves Mario Kart!

So i picked up some Mario Karts on ebay, picked up the revised ruleset. I plan to 3d print the additional stuff, item boxes and so on.

There are already rules conversions that can be downloaded already, so I will find them and download, test it, see if it suits my vision for what im imagining, and  if not, make the necessary changes.

Rev your engines!!

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