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2023 Hobby Log

2023 Hobby Log

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About the Project

Following on from 2022, this will be a general log of what I paint over the year. Can't say how often I'll post given the speed of OTT these days but on good days, I'll try. I liked the banner picture too much to not reuse it :)

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February 1st Update

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Skill 1
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January Counts:

  • Unpainted 2878
  • Painted 39
  • Bought 16
  • % painted 1.3%

February Goals:

  • Paint up an Underworlds warband for a one day event on the 11th.
  • Finish dwarf units for Kings of War Ambush
  • Base colours down on one unit of AOS trolls
  • Build Necromunda team for a campaign in March
  • Get started on Moonstone and Rumbleslam models
  • Sell some miniatures so the cupboard is a little less terrifying to open

January 22nd Update: Team Yankee

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Skill 9
Idea 9
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So far January has been about painting dwarves but to start my week long holiday, I wanted to crack into something a little different. Part of getting to play more games this year is about having complete armies for games others around me are playing but I also want to get starting forces up for games I want to introduce people to. Team Yankee is one of those games.

I picked up the current two player starter box because, despite having no interest in having a US force, it is a great value box for getting into the game. The Soviet force will get used once I expand anyway and neither force is huge out of the box.

The Americans have three Abrams, two Bradleys and two M60 Pattons.

The Soviets have four T-80s, three T-64s and two BMP-3s.

So 16 models in total.

Rather than build everything all at once and overwhelming myself, I decided to just build and paint one unit at a time. So Friday evening came around, I stuck on a new show in the background and away we go…

The wee man means it is a command tank. That's what wee men mean.The wee man means it is a command tank. That's what wee men mean.

I’m not fussy when it comes to camo for these little tankies but Wargamer Pete has a really simple tutorial that I followed the rough jist of but using the colours that I happen to have.

The colours I used were:

Prime black

Scale 75 American Olive

50/50 mix of American Olive and Vallejo Khaki

Army Painter Fur Brown

Vallejo London Grey with some black paint mixed in

Seraphim Sepia and Nuln Oil

Weathering was thinned down Stirland Battlemire and very light drybrush of Army Painter Desert Yellow

The Wee Man was painted up with Kislev Flesh and Velljo Russian Uniform (WW2)

All done in around four hours not allowing for drying time.All done in around four hours not allowing for drying time.

First unit done. Now I really should get back to those brock riders for Kings of War…

January 22nd Update: Team Yankee

Hobby Goals

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Another year has come around and it’s time for some goals. I’ve some bigger than normal life stuff this year so hobby goals are going to be a little easy going for 2023.

  1. After last year’s pathetic two games played, play more games is the first goal. I have two local clubs (each of which has one to two sessions a week) and a small group of gaming friends, there’s really no excuse to not get something to the table.
  2. Paint complete armies/forces to get them on the table, not just for the fun of painting them. I realised last year that only one project was a complete force for a game. I have several half armies, lettuce try and finish some. I also have a few smaller warbands for games that could fairly easily get painted up and played with.
  3. Finish painting the terrain that is hiding in the cupboard. I get bored really easily when it comes to painting terrain but it really does make a difference when it comes to Goal #1

That’s it. Just three things. Seems perfectly reasonable.

We’ll see in 12 months time!

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