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Defence of Berlin

Defence of Berlin

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About the Project

Waffen SS Charlemange Army based around the defence of Berlin where they worked alongside the Hitler Youth and the 11thh SS Panzer division. they will be done in Oakleaf camo, as I imaine them in the initial battles in around Forest Grunewald in early 1945. This army will be based on units from these groups, as well as other appropiate units and anything I feel *may* have appeared in Berlin, so while accurate to some degree, I wont be sticking directly to unit registers. Game system, this is more for Bolt Action or Chain of Command type games

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Scheme Test Model

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This is my test model, a Warlord games Waffen SS MG42 team, not a fun model to build and has sat in my stash for 12 months but finally got the drive to finish it.


Up next a Marder 3 and an SS HQ unit, followed by some SS Winter Vets