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Getting started with WW2

Getting started with WW2

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Project Blog by Hendrik-DaMastaKilla-

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About the Project

Oke, everybody is always talking about the projecsts. So lets give it a try. I started with 0200 hours, got the starter, and played 1 solo game and 1 normal game. I realy like it.

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Painting night

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Painting night, I got some time to paint, and used for reverence. (thanks for the tip Gerry) And would you not know it. I did not have all the colors, so tried something that looked good. Almost done with the first germans. After they are done, I am going to start with some commandos.

Trying new things

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i made my own flock with sawdust and paint. and just trying out stuff. putting some on some cocosdoormat and it already look good as a hedge. It is just a number 1 test, but i like make stuff for almost free.

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