Claim The Power Of A Superhero As Aberrant Comes To Kickstarter

July 14, 2019 by dracs

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Onyx Path Publishing have launched a new Kickstarter to help fund an updated, printed edition of the classic superhero RPG Trinity Continuum: Aberrant.

The game takes place in the near future, where the explosion of the Galatea space station has led to people across the world developing super-powers.

These new Homo sapiens novus, or Novas as they are known by the media, have incredible abilities and take on the role of heroes, battling crime and saving humanity. Of course, super-heroics isn't for everyone...

Trinity Continuum: Aberrant is the latest edition of the classic game Aberrant, first published in 1999. It is a sourcebook, compatible with the main Trinity Continuum rulebook and sets you and your fellow players down in the world of 2028.

The rules (using Onyx Path's storypath system) are designed with flexible and fast-paced gameplay in mind, with plenty of options for designing your own superhero.

The setting has also been updated. While it mostly stays true to the original, it has been brought more in line with the modern day and made more inclusive and accessible to newcomers.

Superhero RPGs are something I haven't delved into before, but I am currently thoroughly invested in the Wild Cards series edited by George R. R. Martin. This has really opened my eyes to the character and world building possibilities away from mainstream superhero comics.

Trinity Continuum: Aberrant looks like the perfect way to explore these sort of stories. Plus it would be a lot of fun to just fly around and saving the day with a team of fellow supers.

Did you play the original Aberrant? Do you plan on chipping in to this Kickstarter?

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