Mythic Play Reichbusters Adventure As Pledge Manager Ends Soon

March 29, 2019 by dracs

The Pledge Manager for Mythic Games fantastic pulp game is drawing to a close on Tuesday 2nd April, but not before Mythic get a playthrough of the Not of this Earth expansion.

Reich Busters enjoyed a great deal of success on Kickstarter, raising over $900,000.

Since then, more has been added to the game through the Pledge Manager, including items like an Army Painter paint set, alternative sculpts, and a neoprene gaming mat.

A Let's Play Not Of This Earth

Az, Leo, Stu, and Josh of Mythic have recorded a Let's Play going through Not of this Earth, an expansion that they got a lot of requests to see more of.

Not of this Earth changes up the game, as you try to explore off-world alien tunnels and face all new enemies.

The Reichbusters venture through a Vril Portal in order to stop the inhuman plans of the terrible Doktor Kopff.

Kopff is seeking to merge himself with Vril infused aliens, gaining telepathic powers in order to dominate the world.

Now the Reichbusters must venture to this other world to stop him before his powers can manifest fully.

You can find the Let's Play at the top of this post, or by following the link here.

The Pledge Manager comes to an end on Tuesday, April 2nd at 07:00 GMT.

Do you think the Mythic guys will be able to stop the Doktor? 

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