New Mutants & Inhumans Expand Out Marvel: Crisis Protocol’s Roster

November 11, 2020 by brennon

Atomic Mass Games has been teasing more of the Mutants/Inhumans coming to their expanded X-Men/Marvel collection for Marvel: Crisis Protocol. You've got plenty to look forward to including Medusa who was previewed in full this week.

Medusa - Marvel Crisis Protocol

Medusa // Marvel: Crisis Protocol

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Medusa is one of the Inhumans which will be hitting the tabletop soon alongside her hair which has prehensile attributes! She can use this to deal with her foes, expanding and manipulating it in order to lash out or do more intricate manoeuvres. It might not seem like a particularly powerful ability but she is a rather fearsome Inhuman to face down!

Banding Together

As well as the new showing for the Inhumans we also got a look at some of the new characters coming our way as part of these cards which were shared by Atomic Mass Games.

Brotherhood Of Mutants - Marvel Crisis Protocol

Brotherhood Of Mutants  // Marvel: Crisis Protocol

On the side of the Brotherhood, we can look forward to seeing Scarlet Witch, Quicksilver and Juggernaut making an appearance in the future to support Magneto, Mystique, Sabretooth and Toad. A pretty solid roster, especially if you want some Avengers support too.

More options are also coming for Xavier's X-Men too.

Uncanny X-Men - Marvel Crisis Protocol

Uncanny X-Men // Marvel: Crisis Protocol

Here you've got the addition of Cable, Domino and Jean Grey joining up with their X-Men comrades in order to deal with Magneto and his machinations. Combine these new character models with the knowledge that we're getting lots more Inhumans and the cast of characters for Marvel: Crisis Protocol is getting bigger by the day.

Are you tempted to dive in and check out this game?

"...the cast of characters for Marvel: Crisis Protocol is getting bigger by the day"

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