New Statuesque Toys Are Left At The Bottom Of The Garden

May 26, 2019 by cassn

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Although their time at the bottom of the garden hadn't been particularly unpleasant – the weather had been kind and the rats had sung their happiest songs to keep spirits high – Olive knew they would soon have to leave. Since the hoodie crows had appeared there was a change in the air, their cawing giving voice to a restlessness the toys had not known before. The dark woods beckoned.

After much anticipation, Statuesque Miniatures have finally launched their Kickstarter campaign for their collection of miniature abandoned toys!


This gorgeous collection of nine woodland friends are made of lead-free metal, with each one depicting a lost toy trying to find it's way home.


Measuring between 14mm - 32mm tall, the Left At The Bottom Of The Garden miniatures are sculpted with tabletop gaming, painting, and collecting in mind.

left3 (2)

As such, sculptor Andrew Rae designed the collection so that they required no assembly, glue or plastic bases, and made the sculpts chunky so that they are easily painted.


All of this means that the Left At The Bottom Of The Garden Collection is absolutely perfect for kids and those new to miniatures (although - obviously - the size means they're not suitable for very young children).

left7 (2)

Choose the toy you like best, order the full-collection, or even upgrade and your models hand-finished in boot polish and lacquer (as in the photos)!


Head over to the Left At The Bottom Of The Garden Kickstarter now and follow along as this band of unlikely friends comes together to navigate the dark and twisted woods!

Which is your favourite toy? Tell us below!

"Navigate the dark and twisted woods!"

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