Raging Heroes Release New TGG Dark Elf Rider

March 8, 2019 by cassn

It's International Women's Day, so it's only right that we check out the latest Toughest Girls of the Galaxy release from Raging Heroes.


This fearsome female is Asharah, a dark elf rider with a nightmare pegasus, and she does not appreciate the uneven gendered division of labour in the home.


I'm unsure exactly how her pegasus flies with those wings, however, I assume the scary steed is powered by pure feminist rage at the continued gender wage gap in Western society.

asharahAsharah is 30mm heroic scale and stunningly crafted in resin, however, despite her beautiful sculpt, she would prefer you to judge her by the content of her character rather than her appearance. She is a badass warrior, and I'm sure would be a proud supporter of #BalanceForBetter.


Asharah on Pegasus is a wicked woman warrior who proves that females can be just as ferocious as men on the tabletop. She is currently available through the Raging Heroes website.

Do you have a favourite fighting female for the tabletop? Tell us below! 

"A proud supporter of #BalanceForBetter!"

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