Ramshackle Raid The Junk Yard For 20mm Car Conversion Kits

October 27, 2015 by brennon

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Ramshackle Games have taken note of all of these Post-Apocalyptic racing games on the horizon and so have come up with a fantastic kit, the 20mm Car Conversion Set, which gives you a whole range of options to help those who have an ailing bitz box and not enough components to start customising their cars...

20mm Car Conversion Kit

The kit comes with all the parts you would need to make a car road worthy on the mean streets of the blasted future. Dozer blades, metal panels, guns, drivers and more. As you can see in some of the images below they turn regular looking vehicles into death dealing machines.

Car Conversions

Car Conversions (Alt)

I think this could be a good option for those who, as I mentioned above, don't have an extensive bitz box of random components. With The Devil's Run just around the corner and Gaslands coming in the future you have plenty of time to get your own convoy ready.

What do you think of the kit?

"...they turn regular looking vehicles into death dealing machines"

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