An Alien Invasion Hits Fantasy Flight Games

August 31, 2015 by stvitusdancern

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Fantasy Flight Games revealed more information about the third book in The End Of The World RPG series, Alien Invasion.

This series gives you the unique opportunity to put yourself in the game.  Fantasy Flight Games describes it best:

Alien Invasion is the third book in The End of the World roleplaying game line created by Álvaro Loman and José M. Rey. Like Zombie Apocalypse and Wrath of the GodsAlien Invasion invites you to play as yourself, in your own hometown, as an extraterrestrial attack erupts around you.

An elegant, narrative rules system keeps the game’s focus on the story as you experience one of five unique scenarios, each of which features dozens of possible adversaries and encounters. Watch out for UFOs, and prepare for close encounters with an Alien Invasion at the end of the world!

How would you handle an alien invasion in your hometown? Now you can find out as you play through the 5 scenarios in the book. Will you come out on top as a hero or will you falter and cower in the corner and wait for the aliens to liquidate you?

This would be a great game to get your friends together and see who will still be friends at the end. I have heard great things about this series up to this point and we saw quite a few people buying and carrying the book at Gen Con this year. If you like RPGs this is definiately one to put on your list.

How will you survive The End of the World: Alien Invasion?

"“‘Come in peace,’ they said. ‘First contact,’ they said. These little grey bastards are here for one thing, and one thing only. They’re here to kill us all. Let’s make sure we get ‘em first!” –Sergeant Todd Hawthorne, US Army National Guard"

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