American Gothic Horror Heads To Kickstarter With Nevermore RPG

August 31, 2022 by fcostin

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Quoth the Raven! Nevermore: A Roleplaying Game will be headed to Kickstarter this October. Who better to kick off 2022's Spooky Season than the corrupted macabre minds of Poe, Gillman, and many more American Gothic writers? Intent on throwing players in the midst of mysterious and mind-maddening adventures to crowdfunding this Autumn, see what's coming from Nepenthe Games.

Nevermore Roleplaying Game -

Nevermore Roleplaying Game // Nepenthe Games

Placing players to the year 1888 and inspired by the warped and weird wordings of classic American Gothic writers, this will be bringing tales to the tabletop from fog-ridden settings. You will be investigating chilling and disturbing haunted houses and coming up against terrifying spectres, ghouls, werewolves and reality-distorting monsters that would even drive Poe off of his opium.

Artwork Preview - Nevermore RPG

Artwork Preview // Nevermore RPG

Intent on protecting themselves from their own demise and hoping not to lose their will to madness and despair, you will be entering an era akin to the Late Victorian period. You will be learning about the likes of Nikola Tesla's scientific experiments and the towering monarchy of Britain under Queen Victoria. However, the world is very much off-kilter and unnatural with disturbances popping up throughout a grim society. Suspense-fuelled journeys inspired by the dark and twisted horrors await.

Nevermore Quickstart Guide -

Nevermore Quickstart Guide // Nepenthe Games

Tapping into dark and corrupt magic, players will be utilising the 'aethyros' which is an intriguing substance that can benefit a human user. This allows them to conform to new ways of living and then confront evil using this new tool. A fantastic bit of unimaginable magical support.

Each player will be enrolled into the Esoteric Order Of The Illuminous - a society destined to reach into the unknown to learn more and take down unspeakable beasts belonging to one of seven different cabals. There are no dice needed when it comes to gameplay, just a standard deck of playing cards ready to thrust you into horror and dissaray!

Nevermore: A Roleplaying Game is set to be heading over to Kickstarter on October 4th. So, if you wanted to grab yourself a reminder notification - be sure to sign up to the preview page. Or you can head over to DriveThruRPG for a cheeky free Quickstart Guide.

Leave the beating heart under the floorboards. It will be fine. 

"Each player will be enrolled into the Esoteric Order Of The Illuminous..."

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