Unravel Candlekeep Mysteries In New D&D Supplement

January 13, 2021 by brennon

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Wizards Of The Coast have brought together many a bright mind from the Dungeons & Dragons community in order to tell Fantasy tales of mystery and intrigue. Candlekeep Mysteries is going to be releasing later this year in March and should take things in a different direction for your adventuring group.

Candlekeep Mysteries - Dungeons & Dragons

Candlekeep Mysteries // Dungeons & Dragons

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At its heart, Candlekeep Mysteries is going to be a collection of seventeen stand-alone adventures which are designed for characters ranging from level one through to level sixteen. Each adventure starts with the discovery of a book which then works as a portal leading to intrigue, danger and glory.

Because these adventures are all stand-alone, they should work within the Forgotten Realms setting and whatever campaign world that you have going at the moment. As well as the adventures, you'll also find a poster map of the library fortress that is Candlekeep and a description of its inhabitants.

The writers on this project include the likes of Graeme Barber, Kelly Lynne D’angelo, Alison Huang, Mark Hulmes, Jennifer Kretchmer, Daniel Kwan, Adam Lee, Ari Levitch, Sarah Madsen, Christopher Perkins, Michael Polkinghorn, Taymoor Rehman, Derek Ruiz, Kienna Shaw, Brandes Stoddard, Amy Vorpahl, and Toni Winslow-Brill!

D&D is often considered simply as a way to dungeon delve and kill monsters so it's always good to see other ways to tell stories and engage people in a bit of intrigue!

Are you going to be checking out this new supplement for D&D?

"...it's always good to see other ways to tell stories and engage people in a bit of intrigue! "

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