Catalyst’s Shadowrun Tabletop Going Noob Friendly

December 20, 2013 by brennon

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Catalyst Game Labs have decided to do some swapping around when it comes to their approach to the Shadowrun Tabletop RPG. With that in mind they are breaking up their existing introductory box into the Beginners Box Set & the Runner's Toolkit: Alphaware.

Shadowrun Beginners Box Set

The Beginners Box Set will now be focused solely on new players and getting them acquainted with the world of Shadowrun. It will feature a pre-generated adventure, characters, a background primer and dice to get you going from the off.

Shadowrun Toolkit

At a slightly higher price point, and once you've pushed through the Beginner Box and found yourself wanting more, you have the Runner's Toolkit which comes with Rulebooks, maps, dice, and cards for use during your games. It could be one of those buys where if you split it with your mates who enjoyed their first jaunt you could get going for a nice price.

The world of Shadowrun does sound intriguing and I like the Cyber-Punk aspect of things right now. Mix in a bit of fantasy and you have a good concoction.

Are you interested in starting a story within the world of Shadowrun?

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