Star Wars RPG Celebrates 30 Years Of Gaming In A Galaxy Far, Far Away

January 25, 2018 by dracs

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Fantasy Flight Games are celebrating thirty years of the Star Wars Roleplaying Game with the new 30th Anniversary Edition now up for pre-order.

Star Wars Roleplaying Game

This new edition is a faithful recreation of the much-loved West End Games original, featuring both the rulebook and a sourcebook, filled with all the aliens, vehicles etc. you need to adventure in the famous galaxy far, far away.

Rulebook and Sourcebook

In a preview, Fantasy Flight took a look inside the pages of the rulebook at some of the character templates available.

There are twenty-four in total, including concepts like "Failed Jedi", "Bounty Hunter", "Arrogant Noble", or "Alien Student of the Force".

Alien Student of the Force

Bounty Hunter

Some of these templates are a great place to start when coming up with backstory and it is especially good to see the opportunities to engage with the force players have, despite the lack of Jedi at this time.

Star Wars Inside

Star Wars Inside Art

Judging from the preview images when the edition was first announced last year, Fantasy Flight have paid careful attention to recreating the original books as closely as possible.

The original Star Wars Roleplaying Game is one which I often hear fond reminiscences of, so the chance for both new and old players to get their hands on it again is great to see.

Do you have any fond memories of this game?

"A faithful recreation of the much-loved West End Games original..."

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