Fat Dragon Take You Down Into The Depths Of The Drow

December 11, 2013 by brennon

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Fat Dragon Games have gone delving deeper once again and uncovering the Depths of the Drow with their newest dungeon crawling kit. Will you get lost down there in the realm of spiders and evil creatures?

Depths of the Drow #1

Depths of the Drow #2

Depths of the Drow #3

As you can see this is another one of their pretty cool terrain sets covered in very vibrant and striking designs. You can print all this off and get folding, cutting, sticking and in no time you'll have a dungeon worth role-playing in. Begone white sheet covered in squares!


Bridge Section

We also have a neat selection of props built into the kit including that massive spider and that throne that you just know belongs to whatever boss monster your Dungeon Master wants you to run into.

I love that bridge section too, it would make for an epic stand off and seriously push the whole 'fighting on the edge' thing. I have done this kind of combat before and it was nail biting stuff!

Is this a kit you'll be picking up?

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