A Festive Bugman’s Adventure For Age Of Sigmar: Soulbound

December 17, 2020 by brennon

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Cubicle 7 have expanded on the options for those diving into Age Of Sigmar: Soulbound at the moment with two new PDF supplements for you to download. The first is a festive adventure and we also have a full guide to the City Of Brightspear too.

Trouble Brewing - Cubicle 7

Trouble Brewing // Cubicle 7

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In this first supplement, your party is going to be meeting with the mighty Jakkob Bugmansson XI who is getting ready to spread some festive cheer.

"Jakkob Bugmansson XI is on tour! After a hard year for Brightspear, the Grand Conclave has decreed that something light-hearted is in order to close out the year, a celebration of hope and everything worth fighting for. It turns out the thing most worth fighting for is a cask of Bugman’s XXXXXX!"

In this adventure, you're going to be joining Bugmansson on a pub crawl throughout Brightspear when a cask of precious Bugman’s XXXXXX is stolen! You need to work out who has pilfered it before it turns into a diplomatic incident!

You'll also find rules inside this document for playing as a Brewmaster yourself in games of Soulbound. A new Archetype for the Kharadron Overlords is neat to see indeed. It might give you an excuse to paint up your own copy of the Bugmansson miniature to match your own Soulbound character.

A Guide To Brightspear

If you've been playing through the Starter Set adventure for Soulbound then you might want to check out the Streets Of Brightspear PDF which introduces more options for those who want to delve into its twisting streets.

Streets Of Brightspear - Cubicle 7

Streets Of Brightspear // Cubicle 7

Inside this particular PDF you're going to get...

  • Over twenty new Endeavours to undertake between adventures.
  • A dozen fantastical items to be found in the Brightspear markets
  • Tables for creating countless unique artefacts and magic items, complete with their own quirks and abilities.
  • A new loyal companion — the Fyrehunter, a large flaming spider!
  • Four Chaos spells that characters can learn — if they’re willing to pay the price!

This seems like a nice way to bolster the collection of options already available to those diving into Soulbound who just want a bit of added spice for their games. I always like having a few threads to lay before the adventurers which might end up making then veer off from their current course!

Are you liking the sound of these new supplements?

"...you're going to be joining Bugmansson on a pub crawl throughout Brightspear when a cask of precious Bugman’s XXXXXX is stolen!"

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