Become A Fully Operational Engineer In Star Wars: Age of Rebellion

March 31, 2018 by dracs

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Fantasy Flight Games have released the new Engineer focused sourcebook for Star Wars: Age of Rebellion, making sure everything is Fully Operational.

Fully Operational

This new book lets you become one of three new playable races; the musical Bith, the intelligent Kaminoans, and the mechanically minded Skakoans.

Fully Operational New Species

Having these new options opens up the game to new storylines and conflicts, especially with the Kamoans and Skakoans, who both occupy a controversial position in Republic history.

Alongside these new races are three new specialisations; Droid Specialist, Shipwright, and Sappers.

Fully Operational Specialist

Of these, I am particularly interested in playing a Shipwright, as Fully Operational also brings with it rules for ship and vehicle construction. I would love to put together a Star Wars crew and start modifying our signature spaceship.

What character would you make?

"Kamoans and Skakoans both occupy a controversial position in Republic history."

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