Gale Force Nine Visit Waterdeep With New D&D Goodies

September 7, 2018 by brennon

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Gale Force Nine is going to be supporting Wizards Of The Coast in the release of Waterdeep: Dragon Heist with a selection of new accessories and miniatures for you to use in your games of Dungeons & Dragons. The first stop finds them looking at a DM's staple, the Dungeon Master's Screen.

D&D Waterdeep Screen

This new Dungeon Master's Screen comes with a wonderful set of artwork on the front showing off the bustling city which is filled with all manner of crazy creatures and peoples. It also shows off the darker side of the city too with those folks skulking in the background.

Inside the Dungeon Master's Screen, you'll also find a selection of different information for someone needing to get their head wrapped around the goings on in the city quickly. An invaluable tool and it looks snazzy too!

Map It Out

As well as the screen you'll also find a selection of maps available. The first of these is the large map of Waterdeep that you can see below.

D&D Waterdeep City Map - Gale Force Nine

These maps then break down into a series of smaller ones which focus in on the various Wards of Waterdeep. Maps are always cool for those delving into Dungeons & Dragons as they allow you to plan and explore at your leisure. Having a city-based campaign also means that the Dungeon Master doesn't have to do TOO much planning when it comes to where you might wander off to!

Dramatis Personae

As well as these accessories Gale Force Nine will be working on a range of characters for you to drop into the game. The first of these is the mysterious looking Manshoon.

D&D Manshoon - Gale Force Nine

Manshoon is a man that you do not want to cross. As leader of the Zhentarim he is a powerful Wizard who has many nefarious plots working behind the scenes. There are now many of his clones wandering the world looking to put his plans in motion, even in death.

Sticking with the dark and shadowy types we also have the Black Viper here.

D&D Black Viper - Gale Force Nine

Whilst once a notorious burglar and smuggler, the Black Viper met their end many years ago...or so they say. Now a new noble has taken up the mantle and stalks the streets looking to get themselves into trouble. Maybe you will find yourself aiding or tackling her in your travels.

We next turn to the stern looking Laeral Silverhand. As one of the Open Lords of Waterdeep, you might have seen her pop up in other games like...well...Lords Of Waterdeep!

D&D Laeral Silverhand - Gale Force Nine

She, and her partner in crime, Khelben Blackstaff, are part of a dissident faction of the Harpers. Whilst the Harpers are inherently good this splinter faction are looking to advance their own means rather than those that would benefit the peoples as a whole.

Last but not least we have Vajra Safahr.

D&D Vajra Safahr - Gale Force Nine

As one of the youngest Blackstaffs in Waterdeep and the Forgotten Realms, she might not have the decades of experience that many have but she makes up for it with raw magical talent. You might indeed find her being amongst your allies as you wander the streets of Waterdeep.

There is LOTS more coming from Gale Force Nine for Dungeons & Dragons and this new expansion so watch this space!

Will you be visiting Waterdeep?

"There is LOTS more coming from Gale Force Nine for Dungeons & Dragons and this new expansion so watch this space!"

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