Head Off On A YogsQuest For Youtube’s Geek Week

August 5, 2013 by brennon

You might have noticed that it's Geek Week on Youtube and in the spirit of things the Yogscast, a massive channel from here in the UK are putting on a role-playing event. Welcome to YogsQuest! You can check out the first episode above...

Lewis (Xephos), Simon (Honeydew), Sips, Sjin, and Duncan have taken to the tabletop to bring you an adventure which is going to feature a lot of laughing. The first episode already had me in stitches and the rest are going to be insane I reckon.

The Rat King is a character that you're going to love. You might also notice a fair few of the models they are using for heroes. I hope Games Workshop doesn't come down on them for that!

Enjoy folks!

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