Insane Angel Investigates A Mystery At Millwarren

November 1, 2019 by avernos

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Insane Angel Studios are currently on Kickstarter with a follow up to 2018's incredibly successful RPG The Hidden Halls of Hazakor which was nominated for an ENnie for best family game. This time around the plucky adventurers have to delve into the Mystery of Millwarren

mystery at millwarren

The Mystery of Millwarren is a 5th edition roleplaying adventure aimed at kids and groups that are new to RPGs. The book will guide 5th level parties forward on a series of adventures as they plumb the depths of Millwarren through three scenarios to Level 8.

While Scott has written this as a continuation from the last book it is not necessary to have played that if you have a group ready to jump in at 5th level, but for new groups, I would definitely recommend running through from the start as the Halls is a story arc from 1st to 4th level players.

The most interesting thing for me about both of these books, or the Gray Anthology Series (as no one but me is calling it) is not the adventures themselves but the entirety of the book as a playing aid and guide for new players. They don't require a DM who knows their stuff, after each adventure, there is a section on levelling up the characters before the next adventure begins.

Millwarren takes the initial guides on how to run games for new parties and adds to them. Offering advice on tailoring encounters for your players, dealing with large groups, how to run investigation adventures. Helpful hints and tips throughout the books will take a novice DM and give them the knowledge they need to run a fun game and get to grips with the system.

Cat Guitarist

Jackie Musto is once again providing gorgeous illustrations for the book, like the Bugbear bard above, and if you fancy a piece of her artwork for your very own there is a limited amount of pledges available were Jackie will draw your child as an adventurer which seems like a fantastic unique gift.

The Kickstarter is running for another 28 days and the book can be picked up as a PDF or a softcover book, and for the duration of the Kickstarter the first book is on sale at Drivethru.rpg you don't need to be a backer to get The Hidden Halls of Hazakor at a bargain price and they do print on demand for those who prefer the feel of paper under their fingers.

I think these are a terrific way of introducing kids to roleplaying, and allowing them to find their own way to run the games without feeling they need to rely on other people to do the work for them should give a tremendous sense of ownership to the DM and his players.

Will you be solving the mystery at Millwarren?

"I think these are a terrific way of introducing kids to roleplaying, and allowing them to find their own way to run the games..."

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