Iron Kingdoms RPG Kickstarter Landing 26th January

January 15, 2021 by brennon

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Privateer Press has announced the date when Iron Kingdoms: Requiem, the return of their Iron Kingdoms roleplaying game, is going to be hitting Kickstarter. If you've been waiting for this then mark 26th January in your diary!

Iron Kingdoms Requiem - Privateer Press

Iron Kingdoms: Requiem Kickstarter // Privateer Press

This Kickstarter is going to be focused on bringing a new set of books to tabletops which allow players to dive back into the realm of Immoren and play as all manner of peoples from their Fantasy world. All of this will be done through the mechanics of 5th Edition which have been well bedded in by the resurgence of Dungeons & Dragons.

Iron Kingdoms Requiem Cover - Privateer Press

Iron Kingdoms: Requiem // Privateer Press

Requiem is going to be set in the years following the Infernal Claiming if you want to work out the timeline for your games although of course, you could play around with that to suit your own adventures. However, the core of the book and its narrative will be around the nations of Western Immoren attempting to rebuild from "the ashes of a sundered continent".

Alongside the core book which will offer up all of the options you need to put the Iron Kingdoms stamp on 5th Edition, you'll also have a full adventure for your characters called the Legend Of The Witchfire.

Legend Of The Witchfire - Privateer Press

Legend Of The Witchfire // Privateer Press

Carrying you from levels one through to four this should be a great introduction to the Iron Kingdoms for you and your friends if you want to try out roleplaying in this setting.

As well as the new adventure module you'll also find the Monsternomicon which will be packed with Immoren-specific beasts and a whole bunch of new fiends that you might not have seen in the Iron Kingdoms before.

Monsternomicon - Privateer Press

Monsternomicon // Privateer Press

As this is going to be produced through Kickstarter there will be loads of stretch goal options and more. This means new features and additions to books as well as map tiles, reference cards for your big hulking Warjacks and much more.

I'm all for companies taking their world and its intricacies and tying them into the 5th Edition system to get people to the tabletop quickly. Nearly everyone knows how to play D&D, especially if you're a veteran tabletop gamer, so it's a no-brainer to use it as the backbone for your games. As long as there are a few tweaks here and there to suit the setting then it should work nicely. I see it being a good fit for Immoren and the Iron Kingdoms.

That being said, there are plenty of reasons not to go down this route as sometimes you need a bespoke system to bring a world to life in the right way. I am eager to give these books a read and see if they manage to bring across the flavour of Immoren. I'm sure plenty of Iron Kingdoms fans are too.

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