Will you Kickstart a Blade Raiders Adventure?

May 23, 2012 by brennon

It might seem like this is yet another Kickstarter campaign, but hear me out on this one. Check out some information on a potentially awesome Paper & Pen Role-Playing Game, Blade Raiders.

Blade Raiders Cover Art

Blade Raiders is an alternative RPG which places you in the world of Stonemir. Here all kinds of creatures dwell under the powerful guidance of its human rules. As you can see from the cover art, this is already shaping up to be a fantastic looking game regardless of its rules. Check out another piece of art below...

Blade Raiders Gloomwrik Ranger

In Blade Raiders all human world you take on the role of an adventurer out to prove him/herself in a world of perilous rewards. Unlike other systems there is no defined role or class but simply talents from which to draw from. These talents hone you in a particular area, but beware; if you know how to handle a sword after all, you're not going to be very good if that breaks and you need to pick up a dagger!

Blade Raiders Character Sheet

The game appears, according to its creator at least, to have a strong ethos of "Easy to Learn". This isn't a game for book worms but those who are maybe starting out and don't want to be daunted by two or maybe even three books! Everything you need to play will be included in the pages of the first book, apart from dice of course.

The art style, ethos and indeed background is drawing me ever closer to wanting this RPG sooner rather than later. That's of course without the interesting and deadly looking Trollug foes or the giant lizards you can ride instead of horses!

Another big draw is a focus on rewarding the players for their involvement and interaction at the table. If players Role Play well, act effectively as a team, or even just pull off a grand and spectacular moment this all goes into a pool of points that characters can use during their adventurers. An incentive for in-character table talk and strategy is always good in my books.

Blade Raiders on Kickstarter

Blade Raiders Website

Check out their Kickstarter and let me know what you think folks!

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