Mage: The Ascension Kickstarter Draws to a Close

April 1, 2014 by dracs

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With little under a day left, now is your last chance to chip in on Kickstarter for your deluxe copy of the 20th Anniversary Edition of White Wolf's great game Mage the Ascension, and maybe get your hands on the new Quintessence Edition.

Mage the Ascension

The Kickstarter saw a huge level of success, far surpassing its stated funding target. As a result, Onyx Path Publishing may also be bringing out what they are calling the Ultra-Deluxe Mage 20th Quinetessence Edition, each of which will feature a three-stage tarot card representing the different editions of Mage and will be signed by game writer Satyros Phil Brucato.

Mage the Ascension 2

Mage the Ascension 3

The Kickstarter itself has managed to surpass pretty much all of its stretch goals, the latest of which promises a Mage Cookbook, in the style of the Werewolves Cookbook currently available from DriveThruNow.

Are you going to start weaving reality to your liking in Mage?

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