Marvel Releases More Information On Multiverse RPG

November 23, 2021 by fcostin

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In June earlier this year, Marvel announced that they were in the process of designing an RPG based in the massive Marvel Multiverse. There have been some movements in the titanous game world, with more information about the upcoming games system and a chance for players to have their say through playtesting in March 2022.

Marvel - Image One

Playtest Rulebook // Marvel Multiverse Roleplaying Game

Already listed on Amazon, the 104-page Playtest rules can be purchased and pre-ordered ready for the release date on 29th March next year. including character creation and an adventure to play through. Designed by the infamous Matt Forbeck, known for his work on Biomutant, Blood Bowl and many other fictional works.

The roleplaying world that is being designed puts players into a world that already has a wealth of context and backstory. Jumping into decades worth of characters and stories from the Marvel Universe.

Marvel RPG - Image One

Alt Cover Playtest Rulebook // Marvel Multiverse Roleplaying Game

Players can take on the role of heroic crime-centric characters, whether it be a hero or vigilante - ready to take on some of Marvel’s toughest villains! So whether you are thinking you would make an incredible Tony Stark, Steven Strange, or feel like you can construct your own to take on the likes of Thanos - character creation is also an option. As players utilise Might, Agility, Resilience, Vigilance, Ego and Logic (MARVEL) when building character stats for the chosen hero.

The game system uses a new 3d6 mechanic, which they have entitled the “d616 system”. Without the obvious link to Marvel’s Earth 616 universe, players will progress in-game for rolling a 6-1-6.

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Alt Cover Playtest Rulebook // Marvel Multiverse Roleplaying Game

Marvel have released some alternative artwork for the playtest book too, so if you did want to look at something a little different - or a Marvel Comics fan who enjoys a cheeky alternative cover.

The playtest rules will be available in March 2022, for playtesters to mould the future of the game and provide feedback to the head honchos at Marvel. For a later release in 2023.

I am not even kidding, I think I would make an absolutely fantastic Groot in an RPG campaign. Limited words and a ton of support. Who would you like to roleplay as in the Marvel Universe?

"Marvel have released some alternative artwork for the playtest book too..."

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