Explore the Wasteland As Modiphius Announce Fallout Roleplaying Games

March 6, 2019 by dracs

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Today, Modiphius made the exciting announcement that this year they will be bringing out two new roleplaying games to let you once again explore the unique post-apocalypse world of Fallout.

The two roleplaying games each provide a different experience in the Fallout world. One, to come out later, will make use of Modiphius' 2d20 system, previously used for such games as Infinity: The Roleplaying Game and Star Trek Adventures.

The first to see release will be a roleplaying game expansion for Modiphius' miniature game set in the world of Fallout, Wasteland Warfare.

The expansion, which is designed for one gamemaster and up to six players, allows you to either build upon the narrative focus of the existing miniatures game, or play it as a stand-alone game using the cards and dice of Wasteland Warfare.

The book will include rules for gameplay and character creation, alongside background, guidance for building settlements, and three adventures to help you get started with a linked campaign.

While this book is designed as an expansion, Modiphius have said that a stand-alone boxed set, including cards, dice, and rulebook, will be made available come Christmas.

A collector's edition is also on the way.

We are big fans of the Fallout series here, and I know Justin really enjoyed playing through Wasteland Warfare.

The idea of roleplaying in this rich setting is one I find extremely interesting. The world has an interesting blend of the horrifying and the humorous, providing rich material to create some fun stories to explore.

Fallout: Wasteland Warfare - Tabletop Roleplaying in the Wasteland is due out this summer.

What character would you play as in Fallout? 

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