Morland’s Order Of The Stick Characters Continue To Emerge

April 23, 2013 by brennon

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Morland Studios are continuing to release their Order of the Stick figures with Hayley Starshine and Elan the Bard the next two heroes to emerge from their workshop.

Hayley Starshine

Elan the Bard

Now the first thing to observe is that these are characters from the popular webcomic so you shouldn't be expecting something realistic looking! After that though you can just have a bit of fun with these characters and keep them as something fun for the gaming area.

Saying that though both of these heroes, and the rest of the Order of the Stick line, are 32mm scale so you could easily use them as role-playing figures. Maybe you'd like to take on their adventures yourself?

I think it would be particularly fun if the campaign started with your heroes transported into some odd magical realm where everything became a cartoon!

As they stand they are faithful representations of the characters and fun too.

What do you think of this duo and do you love the comic?

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