Onyx Path & Nocturnal Media Return To The Scarred Lands

December 7, 2016 by dracs

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Onyx Path has a selection of new releases on DriveThruRPG, bringing out supplements for both the World of Darkness and returning to the Greek mythology inspired world of the Scarred Lands.

Land of Gods And Monsters

Onyx Path Publishing has teamed up with Nocturnal Media to bring out the players' guide for the popular RPG setting of the Scarred Lands.

Scarred Lands

The Scarred Lands are a fantasy setting which draw heavily upon the various concepts and traditions found within Greek mythology. Gods and heroes stride the land and there is plenty of opportunity for adventure.

Two versions have been released for this, letting you play in the Scarred Lands using either 5th edition or Pathfinder rules.

Primordial Horrors And Dark Age Conspiracies

Onyx Path have also released some new stuff for both Chronicles of Darkness and the classic World of Darkness.

First, to enhance your games of Beast: The Primordial, there are a new set of condition cards.

Beast the Primordial

Conditions are used within the game to add an extra element of "consequence and reward," which can take the form of supernatural abilities, successes or whatever else the storyteller might decide is fitting.

Onyx Path have also stepped back into the Dark Ages to produce a collection of short stories for V20 Dark Ages. These are The Cainite Conspiracies.

Cainite Conspiracies

This anthology contains a selection of stories from the setting written by Vampire developers, award winning writers and other such horror aficionados.

These anthologies are a great place to find ideas for your own chronicles, both in terms of how to approach the setting and the kind of characters that you are likely  to find there.

Which of these RPGs do you plan to explore further?

"Gods and heroes stride the land and there is plenty of opportunity for adventure..."

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