Join The Penal Legion In Wrath & Glory’s Bloody Gates PDF

June 15, 2021 by brennon

Cubicle 7 has a new Tier-1 scenario for you to download in PDF form for some grimdark roleplaying in Wrath & Glory. Check out the new Bloody Gates scenario...

Bloody Gates - Wrath & Glory

Bloody Gates // Wrath & Glory

In this new scenario, a group of characters have been sentenced to serve as part of a penal legion. With a slim chance of survival but the opportunity to win their freedom, your characters are sent to Gilead Prime and the Hive City of Tora Armis.

All they have to do now is scale the dam around the Hive City, get through its kilometre-wide minefield and breach its gates. Do all that and make sure you're able to take on the waves and waves of Poxwalkers that stand in your way.

Bloody Gates might be a good option for a one-shot with your friends but if they survive, maybe they'll turn into new characters for your campaigns? A sequel to this, On The Wings Of Valkyries, will be coming in the future which looks at the same battlefield from the viewpoint of Tier 2 characters.

Are you going to be picking up Bloody Gates?

"Bloody Gates might be a good option for a one-shot with your friends..."

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