Pure Steam puts the Punk into Pathfinder?

March 23, 2012 by brennon

That mix can indeed come true with a new Pathfinder compatible role play, Pure Steam. The role play is based within our own world, but introduces a hint of the fantastical with Dwarves, monsters and magic mixed into an age of Victorian Steampunk.

Check out the video above and see the art below...

Con Goodwin, Ructioneer FighterElectromagnetic Belt of Deflection

The emphasis within the game world is on methods other than magic providing weapons and armour for your heroes. As you can see here, technology drives the plethora of items a hero can pick up like this Electromagnetic Belt of Deflection. In the realm of Pure Steam massive cities driven by industry will be contrasted by vast swathes of land untouched by change and forward thinking, providing your heroes with wilderness to adventure in.

Halfling BardSteamthrower

So does this appeal to you? Our world mixed with the thought of Steampunk and Fantasy is a pretty awesome idea, and mixed with the Pathfinder system should be robust and playable. If your interested in supporting the team behind this then (once again!) there is a Kickstarter here.

Rewards include getting your name as a contributor and even having yourself turned into a NPC within the game world or inside a role play module. As well as all this they are producing short stories, novels and more artwork as the campaign continues.

Will you venture into the world of Pure Steam?

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