The Quest RPG Classic Fantasy Digital Edition Is Now Free!

May 24, 2022 by brennon

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The Quest RPG, which has gone down very well over the last few years, is now available for free! The Classic Fantasy Digital Edition can be snapped up from their webstore right now so you can dive into some epic adventures on the tabletop with friends.

Quest RPG - The Adventure Guild

Quest RPG // The Adventure Guild

The Digital Edition (not pictured above...obviously) comes with downloadable versions of both the Game Book and the Core Deck. The Game Book contains all of the rules that you'll need to play the game including a step-by-step set of instructions on how to create a character. You'll also find tips for being a good narrator as you run the game for your friends.

The Core Deck then covers the various special abilities that your heroes can draw on. This is where some of the unique mechanics come into play for Quest. The game is based on a quick and easy-to-learn d20 system but each hero then has an ability "tree" or "flow" of sorts that unlocks powerful abilities for you to use in combat.

Quest is one of those neat roleplaying games where they tend towards the "fail forward" school of thought. Success isn't just binary on checks and it's up to the narrator and the players to tell the story together through combat, dungeon encounters and more.

The Adventure Guild's Quest also works really nicely as a first-time option for prospective roleplayers. It has a great focus on walking players through pretty much everything and there are some really great pointers for sitting down around a table and enjoying the experience of roleplaying respectfully.

The set also features a screen reader version of the rules which is a great bonus and you'll also find all of the worksheets that you need to use in the midst of play.

Considering that Quest is now free, why not give it a go?

"The Adventure Guild's Quest also works really nicely as a first-time option for prospective roleplayers..."

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