Quest RPG Heading To Space With Cosmic Fantasy Edition

February 23, 2021 by brennon

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The Adventure Guild, the team behind the Quest roleplaying game, have announced that they are going to go to brilliant new worlds with their step towards Sci-Fi and a Cosmic Fantasy Edition in the future.

Quest Cosmic Fantasy Edition - The Adventure Guild

Quest Cosmic Fantasy Edition // The Adventure Guild

The art here from @grimwilkins on Twitter gives you a snapshot of the kind of mash-up that the team at The Adventure Guild are going for. This new add-on to Quest will introduce seven new roles, new common ability paths, a catalogue of starships for you to choose from and this will all be compatible with the Classic Fantasy Edition of the game.

This means that you'll be able to explore brave new worlds with your archetypal Fantasy heroes and create some really interesting and weird mash-ups in the process. I do like the idea of clashing together more Sci-Fi and Fantasy to create, well, Sci-Fantasy!

If you're interested in learning more about the Quest RPG then it's worth checking out their webstore where they talk through the basics of the rules (which are very newcomer friendly) and also more on how Roles work in the game too. Quest is generally seen as quite the good entry point into tabletop roleplaying that carries over plenty of well-grounded Fantasy ideas whilst also providing neat twists on them too.

I would say the Quest rules are well worth a peek if you're interested in getting started with roleplaying. Plus, the artwork and presentation of the game, in general, is gorgeous!

Have you given Quest a go?

"...the artwork and presentation of the game, in general, is gorgeous!"

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